Wing Chun Centerline

What is the Wing Chun Centerline and why does it matter so much in learning Wing Chun? That’s what we’ll go into today… one of the most important concepts in all of Wing Chun… the centerline!

Wing Chun is a martial art that blends logic and science to empower you with effective self-defense skills. The art should also be learned in a logical way. Knowing Wing Chun’s most fundamental concepts allows you to approach learning the art in such a way.

In this article, we will delve into one of the most fundamental principles of Wing Chun: the centerline theory.

The Wing Chun Centerline

The centerline theory is the backbone of Wing Chun, serving as your strategic compass.

There are terms that are a part of Wing Chun’s centerline theory.

So in this guide, we’ll breakdown the…

  • Centerline
  • Central Line
  • Central Plane.

Think of these as boundaries and markers to help you become more efficient and target oriented in your Wing Chun practice.


The Centerline


The centerline is an imaginary vertical line inside the body. It runs up and down through the middle of the body. Think of it as the axis of the body. Its important to note that the centerline is not on the surface of the body. It is in the middle of the body.


The Central Plane

The central plane is an imaginary vertical plane (level surface) directly between your centerline and your opponent’s centerline. This line represents the shortest and most direct path to victory. Learning to strike (and defend) down this central plane gives you a remarkable advantage over those who waste time with round strikes.

The continuation of the central plane divides the body into the median plane two equal halves. A sagittal plane aligned with the body’s midline, cleaving the body or its components into symmetrical right and left halves.

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